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  1. While sitting pat your right knee with your right hand, then pat your left knee with your left hand, half second per knee, right left, right, etc........
  2. Talk out loud about the event that caused your trauma/fear/memory, while continuing to pat your knees.

Many traumas can be healed in minutes, others take more time

Pat Pat Power has helped people heal from PTSD, flashbacks, stress, anxiety, lifelong trauma, compassion trauma, night terrors, and other forms of trauma.

Compassion Trauma


The transfer of trauma from one person to another is called “compassion trauma.”  Multiple exposures of compassion trauma can lead to burnout.  One cause of burnout is from repetitively hearing other people’s traumas.  Went there is a trauma transfer from the traumatized person to another, it is called compassion trauma.  Burnout will not occur if Pat Pat Power is used while listening to the stories.

Negative experiences can build up over time.  When they do, we call this “Little t.”  A person can live through so many “Little t’s” that they reach burnout and can no longer function normally.   Three examples where “Little t” occurs are group therapy, couples discussing sensitive problems and pastors when they console their flocks after a natural disaster.

Group Therapy

A person goes to group therapy for help, such as for drug or alcohol abuse.  They hears other people’s trauma stories, those other traumas transfer from the person talking to the people listening.  Each trauma builds in the listeners each time others relate their trauma.  To prevent this “Little t” transfer, and to heal the trauma of the speaker, everyone should use Pat Pat Power during each story.


When couples, such as a husband and wife, are in an emotionally charged discussion (money, family problems, etc.) both people should use Pat Pat Power to remain relaxed and to help maintain or improve their relationship.  Pat Pat Power prevents “Little t” from being formed or reacted upon, during this time.

Parents and children often have a need to use the Pat Pat Power to prevent their discussions rising into an argument.

Pastor’s Burnout

When a major disaster occurs, such as a hurricane, a pastor is traumatized by the hurricane like everyone else.  But the pastor is re-traumatizes each time a parishioner comes to him for help and tells their story.  Eventually, he reaches burnout.  To prevent the pastor’s burnout, and to overcome the parishioner’s trauma, both should use Pat Pat Power each time they meet. 

Pat Pat Power

Pat Pat Power  can be done in many different ways, standing, sitting, in private, in pubic, talking out loud and silently, in a peaceful setting, in a stressful setting,  Chick here for more variations

Limitations of Pat Pat Power

  • Lack of a Eureka moment
  • Forgetting to pat as you talk
  • Each trauma must be worked on individually, one at a time, but multiple traumas can be worked on in the same session, one after another
  • Trauma will be healed, but the memories will not disappear.

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